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Would You Like Fries With That?

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too many...
I cheated on my quest to avoid Facebook. It was only 2 minutes, and it was only to look at some pictures... but still.
I think it's kind of silly though. I told myself I'd not go on facebook all summer so I could have a real life... And what do I do? Absolutely nothing. What's a real life? I don't know.

It might help if I had some real friends, or things to do in "real life". I'll try harder, I suppose.
I want to do some geocaching. When the river goes down I hope to spend time there with the gang from the cafe. Plus my birthday is next week. I am going to go to fuddruckers after work and have a delicious burger, and a milkshake. That's the plan.

I think I should get a longboard and learn to ride, this summer. And I think I should spend time with my friends. Go out for coffee/drinks/etc.

But since it's somehow quarter after 1, it seems like it must be bed time.

PS: I just watched "The Rebound" with Catherine Zeta Jones. It was cute but the same old, same old. The way Rom-Coms tend to be.


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