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"As You Wish"

Would You Like Fries With That?

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I was just thinking about how boring LJ is (and the internet in general) these days. Then XKCD posted a comic about wingsuit base jumping, and subsequently the comments had videos of the extreme sport. And I was awestruck. I'd so do that...

Art I'm Working on now
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A collaboration between me and another user of the NeonDragonArt Oekaki board. The drawing is almost done, just needs a few tweeks.

Livestream: Offline

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So apparently LJ has been being hacked by some dudes in russia. I honestly haven't noticed anything amiss. I guess I was away from the internets for a while, and that could be when It happened, but I checked my f-list on my phone pretty regularily. Didn't have any issues with it.

There's a "new" journal site out there called dreamwidth, that people have been suggesting. Apparently it's similar to LJ. I took a peek at it, but it doesn't look that interesting. You have to be invited to join, though, or pay for an account. I'm not sure if I really want to do that. Maybe I'll stick with LJ for a bit and see if it works for me. I have been thinking about making a new account, but I hardly use this one anyway, so it kind of seems silly to do that.

I'll continue to think about it, though, I suppose.
It can't hurt to have another account on another site which I never use.

I find...
I just logged in to my old hotmail email account. I've got 390 unread emails. One of them, sent/recieved this year (2011) is from 'adam gattinger'.
Thank you, hotmail, but I don't think so.

This little...
Today I washed laundry by hand for the first time.
And of course, just as I was about to take it outside to the line, so it could dry, I realized it was raining. It looks like it's more or less done now, but I'm sure it could start again at any minute. My laundry is in the dryer for now.
My life is so exciting that all I have to talk about is laundry. Woo.

I don't miss Facebook anymore. Sometimes when I'm bored, I catch myself wondering what's new on there, but I haven't gone on (other than looking at a picture my sister linked to me). Yay.

You wanna...
I like how there are blossom petals everywhere. The intersection at Main and Broadway looked like a wedding had just occurred there, and the wind pushed the fragrance and the petals around like a lazy summer dream.
I noticed this while I was on a grocery run for the cafe.
I'm really looking forward to summer, and the beach. I'm plan on being there as much as possible.

too many...
I cheated on my quest to avoid Facebook. It was only 2 minutes, and it was only to look at some pictures... but still.
I think it's kind of silly though. I told myself I'd not go on facebook all summer so I could have a real life... And what do I do? Absolutely nothing. What's a real life? I don't know.

It might help if I had some real friends, or things to do in "real life". I'll try harder, I suppose.
I want to do some geocaching. When the river goes down I hope to spend time there with the gang from the cafe. Plus my birthday is next week. I am going to go to fuddruckers after work and have a delicious burger, and a milkshake. That's the plan.

I think I should get a longboard and learn to ride, this summer. And I think I should spend time with my friends. Go out for coffee/drinks/etc.

But since it's somehow quarter after 1, it seems like it must be bed time.

PS: I just watched "The Rebound" with Catherine Zeta Jones. It was cute but the same old, same old. The way Rom-Coms tend to be.

Right Track...
I've been almost four days free of Facebook... I don't miss it too much, but every now and then I'll think of something that I'd like to share with people, and then realize that I can't really do that. Like, I just finished watching the season finale of Glee, and I wanted to comment on it, because I know there are people on my facebook who also watch it...But alas...

I've just been getting a little bit bored without facebook... But I'm usually bored anyway, so whatever.

I love karaoke youtube. I basically spent all morning singing loudly. It was lovely.