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I'm trying really really hard to stay away from Facebook.
Day 1 is down.

I'm a terrible person.
Not because of facebook. But because of the way I feel right now. Well... I don't feel terrible. I kind of feel blank. But.

I'll try to figure this out.

It's been a long time since I've posted here. And livejournal changed things a little bit. Interesting.

540 AM and I haven't slept. I don't want to... Because I feel like if I sleep I'll lose too much of this night. It was so great. But the best part was the walk home, into the blooming sunrise. Not alone. I could hardly stop smiling.

TL;DR... for my own benefit. read if you wishCollapse )
I work in 8 hours. I guess I should try to get a little sleep.

So tell me.
The people upstairs are like rabbits. And they're not quiet rabbits. Its kind of funny. Especially since they seem to take intermissions once and a while.

I hope you had.
My life lately is comprised of working, making money, spending money at the pub after work, and biking through puddles in my rubber boots. And one occasion of slipping on ice and falling off my bike, which left no scrapes, but I feel a little bruised.
And Now it's time to go back to work again.
I don't really like 6 day work weeks.

Don't go breaking.
So i basically woke up every two hours last night because being sick fails. Not even sure how I got to be sick, in the first place... I was fine all day, then I had a shower around 2, and then decided to take a nap... and when I woke up, I just felt like fail.
But I got 14 hours of sleep, after it was all said and done. That was nice.
I hope I don't get any more sickness because I've got a six day work week starting today, and I'd like to make it through in one piece.
I don't think I've got much else exciting to talk about, except how I haven't used shampoo or conditioner in over 4 months, and haven't even used anything in my hair (except water) for a week. And I don't even look greasy. Boo-yeah.
And considering how I was ready for bed at 10, and it's quarter to 1, I'd say it's time to call it a day.

I may do it again.
I would like to learn to make my own foodstuffs. Apple Sauce, Yogurt, Salsa... that sort of stuff. I eat these things quite often. And I'm starting to have too many jars and plastic containers. So instead of buying more, i should just use what I've got to store home-made stuff. At least, that's what I think. :)

To pick up from my last post, I'm definitely (getting) sick. I'm achy and stuffy. Not fun, at all.

My dad and my brother are on their way to the city for the weekend or so. That's kind of exciting.

I'd like to sleep when the sun goes down, and wake up when it comes back up again. That would be so lovely. Live like the birds.

Move it.
Matt wants to stop eating out, and eat at home more often. So yesterday we made hamburgers (from scratch). Tonight was Tacos. This morning we had yogurt and fruit, and some buns that i made yesterday, and an omlette. Everything has been delicious.

I got the rest of the kitchen cleaned today, as well. The only thing I haven't cleaned is the inside of the cupboards(that would mostly be re-organizing) and the inside of the oven... which I find rather daunting. I've never cleaned an oven before. And considering how much trouble I've had with the grease on the walls around the kitchen, I don't think It would be very easy to clean. So I'm putting it off.

I wore my new rubber boots for the first time today. I think they might be a little bit too small, but the sure are fun to walk through puddles in. It's great not to have to tip-toe around them. When I was walking, and looked down at my feet, I felt like I was looking at the feet of someone else... That 'someone' being a child.

I feel like I'm getting sick, and that doesn't make me very happy.

all these things mean nothing
Another day, another dollar. But what a slow day, and so few dollars. That's okay. I got to clean things.
Nothing much to note. A cool guy came in right before we closed up, and chatted with us for a bit. He was waiting for a friend, but she ended up going to to Roastery instead, accidentally. So he basically just came in to chill. Which was cool. Apparently he was in the armed forces, or some-such.
That's all, though, really.
I did some spring cleaning before work. That was nice.
Tomorrow is friday, so that's good. I'm ready for a weekend.

an apple a day
The sun is shining to brightly today. It's very nice. Even though I really wanted to sleep in this morning... After not being able to sleep last night, despite how tired I was. And then, after I finally did get to sleep, having to wake up every few hours to use the toilet. Laaameee.
But that's okay. I've been awake for a couple hours now, and I'm not so tired anymore. And pretty much feeling better all the way around. Just hungry, but I've got some egg rolls in the oven, so YAY.

I had some wine last night, and it was really nice. It came from a box, which is supposed to be a funny stereotype or something. But it was very delicious. Sweet. Usually I can't drink wine very easily. This glass wasn't so hard to drink.

Nothing much else interesting to note, other than I fail at playing Mario on my DS. When I couldn't sleep last night, I tried playing a few levels... And usually ended up jumping off of things to my death. I'll probably just have to practice.

Work with Andrea tonight. We're gonna have a crazy night.

I feel like I've wasted my day, already. I woke up at 11, and now it's 12:40, and I work at 2, which means I have less than an hour til I have to leave.

I really need to work on capitalizing my I's on a more constant basis... I hate having to go back and fix them.

Also, I rely on Firefox's spell-check feature WAY too much. I think that makes me a terrible person.

I don't do lent, but at work, one of the girls who was raised in a very Catholic home does this "Lent challenge" thing. I think I'll try giving up sweetened Iced Tea (and Long Islands). It's going to be tough, since that's about all I ever drink. But it will be good, too.

Okay, I just turned off the automatic spell-check feature. Now I have to do it on my own... and maybe I'll use the feature at the end of my posts, once I've done me own version of a spell check.

Time to get ready for work. And maybe I should have some breakfast, too.


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